I’m happy to announce a three part webinar series on Docker for CloudAcademy. The series is a compliment my recent Docker course that fills the gap in the available introductory material. The series is a fantastic place to start if you’ve heard of Docker and want to learn how to build, ship, and deploy Docker applications. I’m especially looking forward to the production focused part 2, and the larger Q/A wrap in part 3.

Here’s the abstract for entire series:

Introduce Docker and demonstrate applications to the development process and going all the way to production. Part 1 one is a brief introduction to Docker with focus on use cases. Part 2 covers production deployment options. Part 3 wraps it up with a summary and large question/answer section. There is question/answer at the end of each session.

Also here is the description for each part. The content for part 1 and 2 may change based on feedback.

Part 1: From Idea to Dev

30 minute session with ~5-10 minutes Q/A.

session is intended for those who may have heard of Docker, but have not actively worked with or applied Docker. The goal for the session to clarify your understanding of what Docker is and isn’t. Then demonstrate tools and techniques you can start to use right now. Next we introduce production orchestration ideas covered in Part 2. The session ends with some time for questions and answers.

Click here to sign up for part 1.

Part 2: From Dev to Production

45 minute session with ~10-15 minutes Q/A.

Part 1 took Docker from an abstract idea to a concrete solution. Part 2 takes that solution into the hands of your users/customers. This session gives an overview of different deployment options with a focus on larger multi container applications via orchestration tools. Smaller scale applications are considered as well. The session includes with a demo of deploying a multi stage Docker application with docker-compose and docker machine. The session ends with some time for questions and answers.

The docker-machine deployment pipeline demo didn’t make it into my course, so I’m looking forward to sharing it here. This is may favorite session because it’s more production/deployment focused.

This session is planned for November. The date will be announced on CloudAcademy’s webinar page.

Part 3: Production & Beyond

15 minute session with ~30 minutes Q/A.

Part 2 covered putting application’s in production. This session covers what happens next and other larger trends in the container ecosystem. The session is more discussion focused to cover an questions from previous parts.

This session is planned for December. The date will be announced on CloudAcademy’s webinar page.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in the webinar and answering your questions. Good luck out there and happy shipping!