I’m happy to share that I’ve completed my work on the Rack Bootcamp! The Rack Bootcamp is a fast paced ebook for Ruby programmers eager to understand the abstractions their web applications build on.

I wrote the Rack Bootcamp to address gaps in the documentation and blogosphere. The gaps became apparent to me when I started teaching and mentoring new engineers at my full time job. We do Ruby (proudly) differently than most places. We are light on web frameworks and rely heavily on Rack middleware and leveraging different abstraction layers. We use Sinatra a lot, but everything is all about Rack. This is where the Rack Bootcamp comes in. Also, I got tired of talking about this stuff over and over again!

The Rack Bootcamp takes about 30 minutes. Here’s what covered:

  1. Dead Simple Rack Applications
  2. Env
  3. Abstractions
  4. Middleware
  5. Middleware Stacks
  6. Rackup
  7. Rails & Rack
  8. Testing (Naturally my favorite section!)
  9. Servers

The bootcamp’s purpose to save your time by providing the highest value information in one place. This way you don’t need to spend time scraping around the internet for tutorials or screencasts.

There are three price points. The first package contains the book itself. The second package includes the book and a one-on-one pairing session with myself. You can take it as an expert walk through or we can pair on whatever you need. The third package includes the ebook and a pairing session with your entire team. This package is aimed at team leads looking to level up groups of people at once. You can take it as a group pairing session, general QA, or help hacking on some code your team is having problems with.

It’s launching soon (yay!). Subscribe to the mailing list below and you’ll receive a discount code on launch day.

Good luck out and happy shipping!