I’m happy to announce a three part webinar series on Docker for CloudAcademy. The series is a compliment my recent Docker course that fills the gap in the available introductory material. The series is a fantastic place to start if you’ve heard of Docker (and containers) and want to go to production. Container orchestration is an important role of any production container system. This series shines light a key player in the space: Kubernetes.

Part 1: Hands on Kubernetes

Part 1 covers the high level behind container orchestration and what differentiates Kubernetes between other tools. This is a hands on session which covers deploying and scaling a microservice application to Kubernetes. This is your bootstrapping guide.

Part 2: Ecosystem & Production Operations

Part 2 is for those of you who may have already used Kubernetes in production. Kubernetes also supports a robust ecosystem of supporting tools and projects. Real world systems tend to leverage many different tools. This session sheds light into these tool and other real world production systems.

Be sure to check the webinars page for scheduling info. Hope to see you there.

Good luck our there and happy shipping!